Topsy Turvy Inflatable Game

Topsy Turvy Inflatable Game

Our New Deluxe Gladiator Joust/Boxing Ring Combo gives you the versatility of 4 games in one. Remove the inflatable joust pedestal and in minutes you have an octagon Boxing Ring. The side walls have been raised so you can safely use it as a giant moon bouncer. We’ve also included a volleyball net that attaches quickly to complete this multipurpose unit. Let the games begin! Ships with 2 padded adult joust poles, 2 head gear, 4 adult boxing gloves, volleyball net, 1 blower, game bag, repair kit and stakes. Children’s Joust Poles additional.


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Product Dimensions:
Length 15 FT
Width 15 FT
Height 1.5 FT
Weight 105 LBS


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